Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Interesting Links

I finally plowed through my backlogged Google Reader after being out of town over the weekend. I came across a few interesting links to share with you.

Need more willpower to finish writing your story? Try brushing your teeth with your other hand, courtesy of Life Hacker.

Fast Company has a list of 5 noteworthy figures’ favorite kid books. There's a couple in there I hadn't read before that I'll have to find for #1 son.

Paula over at Writer’s Edge has a post up about the top 10 best books on writing. Can you tell that I love any sort of post involving book lists?

I found this interesting: GalleyCat conveyed an NPR story that attractive authors have a better chance of getting a book review. I suppose I won't just set the timer for my author photo. Well, a little Photoshop can go a long ways. ;-)

Last, being that I work with Excel practically everyday doing my day job, I love that GalleyCat also passed along a story about a guy who wrote a story on an Excel spreadsheet and has had it downloaded 10,000 times.

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