Saturday, February 28, 2009

And Then There Was None

I'm in mourning today. I should wear black. I apologize for not visiting my blogging friends yesterday. The trauma was too much ...

My desktop is old and slow so the last 2 months, my laptop has been my primary computer. That was fine except that I don't have Mozy set to back it up. Que triste! Yes, God opposes the proud. I'll admit to being a snoot about backing up. I even scoffed at Galley Cat's recent story on Susan Orlean not using Word, choosing to write online. I thought I was clever for having Mozy auto back up all my files, and I was -- for my desktop! Why didn't I think to back up my laptop??? Alas!

The consensus favorite on yesterday's list was Agatha Christie's "And Then There Were None." Foreshadowing? There's now none of my files left on my hard drive. It's gone. Dead. My WIP, my just finished book review, my fantasy baseball super-spreadsheet (don't smirk - I take my baseball seriously), etc. We'll see if the drive can be revived, but I'm too cheap to pay much. More to come on Monday ...

So, let me now invoke a stern warning -- Go to and set it to back up your files (ah-hem, on all your computers). Mozy works great and is free up to a certain amount and then it costs you $50 a year for unlimited back up. I'm big into photography and have scanned all my 35mm pics and backed them up which means I probably have close to 100 GB stored. No procrastinating!


  1. Positive thoughts your way! Seriously!
    I back up with Carbonite. So far it works great.

  2. Thanks, PJ. Kudos to you on using Carbonite. I thought about it using it as I've heard very good reviews on it as well.