Monday, February 2, 2009

Strange But True

I hope you enjoyed the fabulous finish to the Super Bowl’s entertaining 4th quarter yesterday. I doubt any author could have written such an ending. Isn’t it strange how real life so often outmaneuvers fiction for sheer unbelievability?

The same real life drama, of course, makes historical fiction alluring for me. I love finding true stories from the history books or what not and mulling over potential stories to write from those little overlooked hard-to-believe-but-true snippets. The premise for PHAIAKIA comes from mythology and the legendary Homer. Nonetheless, PHAIAKIA captures some history. People treat elements of the “Odyssey” as fact, right?

The truth of it is that no one would have believed it if the Cardinals had won. Reality is strange but not imposterous. Yes, I can say that as a long-suffering Texas Rangers fan. So, congratulations to the Pittsburgh Steelers on a great game. As a Cowboys fan, I’m a little envious this morning of that 6th Lombardi trophy. And, yes, I was going for the Cardinals.

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