Monday, February 9, 2009

Pulling Teeth

To the left shows Buster Dog (aka, #1 son) enjoying Dog Night at the Texas Rangers baseball game last August. He's wearing his favorite ballplayer's jersey, Hank Barks-a-lot. Buster barked when they played "Who Let the Dogs Out" and when the Rangers did something good. He and the other 800 dogs there had a blast, but Buster's favorite part was probably eating a hot dog and an ice cream cone. Yup, he was living the good life back then.

Alas, no more sweets for Buster. Buster had to get a tooth pulled Friday. $200 at the vet later, he's still as cheery as ever, so I suppose all is well. Did I mention that he's part goat? Yeah, ignore that I call him Buster Dog. It's really Buster Goat. The vet said Buster probably loosened the tooth biting a rock. A rock?

So, as Buster can attest, there are worst things than Monday mornings. Uh, tooth pulling, for one. The old saying, 'painful as a root canal' (or whatever variation) made me consider this weekend what I felt was painful about authoring. Granted, I'm unpublished, so I'm sure a whole new set of experiences await me. My top three so far: (3) being stumped on a word choice and wasting time trying to fix a sentence, (2) revising a draft to the point that I can't tell whether it's any good, and (1) receiving limited feedback.

What about you? Just remember, it can't be worse than a Monday morning or a tooth pulling.
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  1. What an adorable dog! I totally agree with you, though. While writing is enjoyable, it can also be a painful process. But, hopefully, in the end, the "pain" will be worth it and I'll end up with a clean and polished work. Just as with the dental cleaning, the end goal being for people to say, "Aahhh! Nice!" rather than "Eww! Yuck!" when they read it. :-)

  2. Thanks, Leigh. Buster is what I refer to as a 'work of art' (in more ways than one, I suppose).

  3. Your post is so perfect for my day you can't believe it. Because you see, lucky me, I went to the dentist this morning (sigh) and stand a very good chance of needing to get a tooth pulled. Now if only it would cost $200 for me. And unlike Buster, I will need to get a new one in its place.

    Oh, wait, were we talking about writing?

  4. Writing, what?

    Wow, PJ, I'm sorry to hear about your tooth. That is definitely a bummer. It is rather timely, though, that my post showed up on the same day. Incidentally, Buster dog sends you his sympathies and suggests an ice cream cone as the means to drown your sorrows.