Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thesaurus Thursday

One of the writing exercises I do to is to take another author's sentence and then reword it. It can be fun (in an authorly sort of way). Let's see how many different versions we can make. Feel free to be verbose, succint, short or serious -- whatever.

Today's sample comes from James Rollins' action thriller, "The Judas Strain."

ORIGINAL: He spotted a glow ahead, flickering.

I'll go first. Here's my version: The man distinguished a twinkling gleam.

Welcome to Thesaurus Thursday. Incidentally, if you haven't used it yet, is a handy online tool.


  1. The light ahead sparkled, catching his eye.

  2. ohhhh! fun! I love stuff like this!

    How about:

    He spotted a flash of pulsating light.

  3. Great entries so far. It's fun seeing what we can all come up with. I think that next time, I'll add the setting so we can adapt to the mood.