Friday, March 20, 2009

Storyteller Part II

I strolled through blog land yesterday, and one of the first sites I came to was Magical Musings where Michelle had posted about the very thing I had just blogged about. What topic is that you ask? First, in case you missed it, I ended Thursday’s post by asking if anyone might identify what item, in addition to plot and conflict, makes a great story.

The third item then for making a story, which is what Michelle nailed, is characters. A good story requires good characters. Not many people can recite story plots, and even fewer will summarize a story’s conflicts for you. However, give your audience a memorable character, and most folks will let you know why they love or hate the character.

We’ll visit characters more at a later time on the blog. For now, my two cents worth: strong story characters, the ones we remember, are the characters who evoke an emotion within us.

Before going, I did want to share a couple of links.
  1. Fast Company predicts that Sony/Google will give the Kindle a run for its money. Apparently, over 500,000 pre-1923 books have already been added to Sony's book reader using Google's book library.
  2. Last, in different news, if you ever needed photos for your blog but worried about the legalities of borrowing them off a random website, check out Thursday's Life Hacker article where Kevin Purdy shares sites that compile royalty free (and legal) downloadable images.


  1. I often get an idea for a blog and find out someone else wrote about it. Right now I can't afford a reader, Kindle or Sony. I'm waiting for the price to go down.

    Thanks for the link to Life Hacker! That's a great list of free photo share places.

  2. :) Thanks for the MM shout out, D.A. I haven't even looked into the Sony or Kindle Readers. I don't feel a pressing need as yet, but I'm sure I'll get one down the road.

  3. I'm with you, Edie, on waiting for the price of the e-readers to go down. I can't wait to get one; however, I must say that I love seeing all my favorite books sitting over on the shelf.

  4. You're welcome, Michelle. MM hosts a great blog. I've certainly enjoyed it.