Sunday, March 8, 2009

Evan & the Hike

Yesterday’s hike included 3 river crossings, and we only lost one ball cap (sorry, Jeremy, but you shouldn’t have seen if it’d float). Alas, lost cap aside, I’m happy to report that all kids (and sponsors!) made it back safe and sound.

The fossilized T-Rex like tracks in the river bed highlighted the outing. Those and the nice weather and being with friends and a good group of kids and all made it a fun time, but what really stood out to me was a 5th grader named Evan that I hadn’t met before. Books were everything to this kid. Once Evan found out that I, too, liked books, he spent the whole hike at my side asking me if I’d read this or that particular book. His favorites are the Harry Potter and Percy Jackson books.

It was great seeing Evan’s unbridled enthusiasm for reading, and I wanted to share it with anyone authoring. Keep writing as I’m sure your work will brighten someone’s day.


  1. Evan’s enthusiasm for books was me as a kid. It's nice to see that interest in young people today with so many other distractions around them.

  2. So you told him about my book, right :)
    Just kidding!
    I love love love when I meet kids so enthusiastic about reading. It's perfect!

  3. It is perfect, and alas, no, I totally failed to endorse your book. But, on the plus side, I did think about it after the fact. Next time!