Monday, March 23, 2009

Keep Trying

Back when I first decided to try my hand at authoring, one of the things that surprised me most was the abysmal success rate and overwhelming competition. It takes substantial effort to write a story, more effort to find an agent, even more effort to get published, and then even hundreds time more effort to become a best seller. In fact, the odds appear daunting.

I’m not worried. Let me share with you why. I downloaded the latest version of ACDSee (a photo organizer) two weeks or so ago. After numerous attempts, I finally converted my prior version’s database this weekend so that I will be able to make use of it. Make fun of me if you will, but I love organizing my photos.

As I set all the new features up, I was reminded of one thing I’ve always said about my photography hobby. If you take enough pictures you’re bound to get a few good ones. Modesty aside, I’ve some outstanding photos. Granted, I’ve over 13,000 so even a 0.1% success rate can get a fellow you somewhere.

One secret that successful authors share is to write and to keep writing. “Don’t get stuck and don’t give up,” they urge. I’m sure seasoned authors would agree with me that you have to remember why you write. You do it because you love it. Some say they write because they have to write – it’s who they are. I’d say the same is true of my photography.

If I ever make any money photographing, that would be a treat. I’m not counting on it, though. I take photos because I enjoy it.

Not all my stories will sell for millions. Ha! Will any? One can hope. Regardless, I do enjoy writing them, and I’m determined to write a great many tales. Who knows, if I write enough, I’m bound to land a crowd pleaser at some point. Right? ;-)

I guess I’ll keep on writing. You do the same …


  1. I love your photography analogy! It really does drive home the point to just keep writing!

  2. What a great inspirational post! I've been struggling a lot w/ feelings of defeat. But I can't stop writing-so I really needed this post!

    Luv your attitude.


  3. Great analogy! I have a lot of plants in my funny front room, and I offered a new growth to someone the other day. She said, no, all her plants die. So did mine in the beginning, but I kept trying until I found ones that thrived.

  4. I love that. Don't get stuck don't give up line. It's nice to know I'm not alone in the universe!

  5. Hi PJ - happy return to blog land!

    It's good to have your cheery words of encouragement back.

  6. Thanks, Christy. I appreciate your comment. I guess being an author is like the little train that could. Doesn't he keep telling himself, "I think I can, I think I can!"?

    I think I'll write, I think I'll write ...

  7. Edie, you need to post a picture of your plants! I love gardening, but most of my work is done outside. Of course, it's probably because I'm like your friend. Everything I keep inside tends to go brown!

  8. Hey Meghan, how's Themistocles? Did you figure out how to get him to Magnesia? I'm sure it'll come to you. I guess in the spirit of this blog post, you could, uh, list off 13,000 ideas. One of them would be perfect, right? Just kidding. I know you'll get it way before then.