Thursday, January 8, 2009

Barrie Summy's Book Review

I volunteered to do my first online blog book review. New author, Barrie Summy, whose personable blog I happen to love, asked if anyone wanted to join in her a monthly posting where we link up reviews. The reading part won’t be a problem. I just wonder what book should I read? Hmm … any suggestions? Barry’s new book, “I So Don’t Do Mysteries” just came out. Maybe I’ll review it (although, in doing so, I might be put to shame by the middle-schoolers that will likely choose it as well – see Barry’s 1/7/09 blog for details).

Do you rely on reviews when buying a book? It is certainly something for a new author to consider. I mean, ultimately, authors are trying to convince someone to part with $10 for their product, and a good review helps. I know I always peruse the online comments posted on books that I’m interested in, if (and, I bet you agree with me on this) I haven’t had someone I know recommend the book to me. What do you rely upon when looking for a new book?

Reviews appear to go a long way in building the success / failure of a book. If you agree, email Barry and agree to have your blog join her in doing monthly book reviews. I think I am right in saying that the reviews will post the first Wednesday of every month.

A big shout of thanks out to Barry by the way for commenting on some of my earlier blog entries. I'd love to hear from others as you have thoughts.

I'm still in Austin at the hotel so I best run -- my first meeting is in 30 minutes! Yikes!!

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