Sunday, January 4, 2009

Donuts & Rock Stars

I went down to the donut shop this morning to get LW (Lovely Wife) a jelly-filled donut, and well, me an apple fritter and a coffee. Donut shop owners are a hard-working bunch that put in long, oddball hours. So, in addition to saluting the local donut shop lady, Sue, today, I would like to suggest that this world is filled with hard-working folks. Granted, it’s the bad, lazy bums that often get the press (granted, that’s true for just about everything).

Now, the donut shop biz isn’t the only cut throat industry out there. Every aspect of life is competitive, including getting a book published. I tend to think it’s akin to becoming a rock star. Plenty of wannabes sing pretty songs but only a few become lucky enough to get heard on the radio. While it’s easy to say some singers don’t have talent, you have to admit that they did something right. Right? Likely enough, making it big (in authoring or anything) comes down to being in the right spot at the right time, knowing someone, or perseverance, which is my personal favorite.

Since starting my writing endeavor, I have read profusely a litany of blogs, books, and whatever else on authoring. Most all of the agents and authors will tell you – getting published comes down to perseverance. Talent only gives you a head start.

So, if you’re a fellow author, keep writing. Put in your time and work hard. Oh, and go get a donut.

SIDE NOTE – the history of the donut is a hotly disputed topic. Did you know that some theorize Native Americans in the southwest US invented the donut? For other claims, go to Mr.

SIDE, SIDE NOTE – I’ve finished my coffee and apple fritter. Time for church - where they sometimes have donuts …

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