Monday, January 26, 2009

Kid Books

I sat down in the rocking chair and cradled sleepy #2 son in my arms and read him his final bedtime story last night. #2 son already knows his favorites and will point to which book he wants. Having read it so frequently, I can quote his favorite story verbatim without the book. Nonetheless, I hold it up for good effect where he can see it. Especially, since at age one, we focus more on the pictures than anything.

I’ve noticed that despite only being able to use a few words (not even a sentence’s worth in most cases), the really great children’s authors still manage to convey an entire story, often in only ten or so pages. Most of these short books even come with a lesson. These authors craft the kids’ books short out of necessity. Say anymore and the audience loses attention.

That doesn’t really change in adult books (or, blogs – hmm … are you still reading? ha-ha-ha …). An author has to be very intentional. It again reminds me that good writers can tell a story without paragraphs of scenery and description. These things need only appear as part of the story. Authors must remember their audience. I wanted to put #2 son to sleep. I don’t want my story to do the same to my readers.

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