Saturday, January 31, 2009

Three Random Things

For the most part, the blog stays focused on writing. Allow me to digress today. Three random, unrelated points:

#1) I mentioned this once before earlier in the month, but stay tuned for next Wednesday as I’ll be posting my book review. I did want to point out the nifty “Book Review Club” typewriter that Barrie sent my way to link up with the other book club participants. Can you see it? It is up on the top left. How exciting!

#2) We went out to Razzoo’s last night to celebrate my cousin birthday. Happy Birthday, cuz! Every had a rat toe? No, it is not a rodent part but a jalapeno, a delicious but very hot jalapeƱo. Tonight seemed extra hot!

#3) I decapitated 33 people’s heads to win the Guillotine game last night. If you hadn’t played this clever card game, google “guillotine card game” as plenty of places sell it (~$5). Basically, each player tries to decapitate the highest ranking nobles over a course of three days of executions. Though it sounds bleak, it really is a ‘cute’ game that all ages can play (no blood or guts involved). Yes, nothing like a few executions with the family to kick off the weekend.

Such rambling ...

I mentioned the writing zone yesterday. I will end today’s early morning post by saying that I hope today (Saturday) keeps me in the writing zone. I have really enjoyed writing today. Isn’t being a writer great?


  1. Thank you for the shout-out about the typewriter button! I'm looking forward to Wednesday. There's a very good line-up of books. Guillotine, eh? I think my kids would like it.

  2. You'll have to let me know if you play it, Barrie. One of its plus points is that you can play it with just 2 people and still have fun.