Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Outlining Strategy

Previously, my work on Book #2 had been limited to research. Now comes the fun part. I’m continuing the mapping process that I started last week. Here’s my methodology that I’ll be using:

1. Using bullet points in Word, I write as brief a blurb as possible for each potential scene. The story is already in my head, so at this point I am listing out what I know.

2. From the above, I may only have a few loose, unconnected points. I now consider additional scenes. My objective isn’t at this point to come away with a complete story but to provide an ample enough framework to understand what my characters face.

3. Stop outlining and consider my characters, writing as much on each major character (no minor ones at this point) as possible. Incidentally, while I’m thinking on it, I highly recommend Elizabeth George’s book on writing.

4. Return to outlining to ensure that I have the customary 4 arcs (check out Carolyn Wheat’s book, “How to Write Killer Fiction” for some great tips on the 4 arcs).

5. Write the preliminary draft for the hook I’ll use to pitch my book when submitting its query letter.

6. Return to outlining until I feel I’ve a cohesive story.

7. Compose a storyboard where I break out the details for each scene.

The above represents my strategy for getting ready to write Book #2. I’ll go into some of the points in more depth in the days to come as I come to those points. Hopefully I’ll finish up with stage 3 by the end of this week. I’m very eager to get through the outlining stage and onto writing.

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