Sunday, January 25, 2009

Put It on Paper

Brrr … it’s cold in Texas right now!

In other news, my sister has twins, and they turn two this week. Consequently, we spent last evening at a rowdy “Hello Kitty” themed family birthday party. The best gift was this four by four foot inflatable “thing” filled with 250 (not a mistype – 250!) soft plastic balls. No amount of writing would do it justice but the kids loved it. For all you parents out there, my sister says they got it at Toys R Us. Personally, it probably wouldn’t last a week before #1 Son (the dog) ate all the balls or the inflatable thing itself.

My #2 son took a big 3 hour power nap yesterday so I ended up with a bit of free time which I used to continue work on my story outline for Book #2. As much as I would like to think that I could iron out all the details of my story inside my head, I have to admit that most don’t become apparent to me until I start typing. I find it much easier to develop my next thought once I have an initial idea on paper. The other plus is that I don’t forget anything.


  1. I remember those long naps. Or even the short ones. In terms of writing--I do a lot of planning, but there's something about getting words on the screen that can totally change around my plans!

  2. I've got to agree, Barrie. It takes an extra effort, but I do try to visualize things before I start typing. Even so, I inevitably drift in a different direction (sometimes in reams and reams of different directions).