Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Presidential Inauguration

The inauguration snared all the headlines yesterday, but for some reason I gazed ahead, thinking of presidents and inaugurations and inevitably the authors who will someday pen them into histories. What do I see? The blog. Will a blog (and emails) written today survive cyberspace a hundred years hence and be used in penning a presidential history? Better yet, will a future president be judged based on what he wrote in a blog (or, even worse, commented upon in a blog)? The day is coming. Will you be that blogger?

Future historians will have much to sort out. In the span of a hundred years, history has gone from relying upon paper records to more forms of media than I can list. I prefer both to tackling Herodotus and his contrary histories based on oral tradition. Alas, back to blissfully blogging …

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