Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My First Writing Inspiration

Yesterday marked my first day back at work after a nice, weeklong Christmas vacation. I won't bemoan how busy I was as I'm sure you experienced the same 'post-break' surge. On with the blog …

DeWayne, one of my friends from high school, intended to visit LW and I last night at our house. Alas, LW is sick. DeWayne returns to Japan on Thursday so this had offered a last chance to catch up. We instead have implemented "Contingency Plan #1" (aka, IHOP) and will meet there in a few minutes at 6:45 this morning. Yes, DeWayne's a great sport for humoring me as I'm a notorious early 'riser'. I am certain we will likely reminisce about our travels from our younger days – all the aches and pains (a frequent theme on my backpacking exploits) and things seen and experienced, etc.

Incidentally, the columned building on this blog's header came from a photo I snapped on a trip to Greece, and the background of the two men fighting on www.phaiakia.com is a close up of a frieze that was on the Parthenon.

I've had the blessing of seeing quite a few places, and one habit I've always had is journaling what I see. While friends fell asleep exhausted, I always felt compelled to stay up chronicling the day's hardships (despite being a lousy night owl). Most of those accounts wouldn't interest anyone but family and those there, but I'm glad I put forth the effort as those trips are really where my desire for writing first awakened.

Looking back on it, all that journaling demonstrated my need to write. "Writer's write." I appreciate this creed more every day. When did you first realize you needed to write?

I'm out for now. I leave for Austin later this morning for work and won't be back until Friday. I'll blog if I can find a connection at the hotel where we'll be staying.


  1. I find that when I journal, my thoughts about the subject seem to grow deeper. As I write and let the "stream of consciousness" flow, I usually seem to come up with more insights than I had when I started! Thumbs up to all journal writers!

  2. Good word, Leigh. Now, the real trick is to find that time to journal, right?