Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Useful Old Drafts

I failed to mention yesterday that I finished scanning my 35mm photos. Wahoo. I use ACDSee for a photo organizer. Does anyone use Coral? I’m thinking of switching. Maybe.

The prior day’s ramblings compared blogging to photos (sort of), and it got me to thinking about my old story drafts. I save my story as a different version at least once a week which leaves me with a progression of how PHAIAKIA has evolved since week 1. I went back and perused the initial concept and thoughts for PHAIAKIA.

‘Drastic’ might be a good choice to describe how radically my story has since changed, not to mention my writing style, etc. It’s somewhat humorous because I’m in the outlining stage for my second novel now. I wonder how much of this current outlining effort will someday just be discarded sludge.

Actually, I don’t find the unused ideas a waste. I have to write and brainstorm profusely to sift out a few good ideas. It’s like what I say about taking photos. Take enough of them and one or two are bound to turn out decent. List out enough story plots and so and one of those will stick, too.

Writing is a continuum that evolves with each sitting. Other craftsmen of different trades would probably say the same in regard to their respective efforts. More later as the blogging and the writing and all evolve.


  1. I'm with you, you never know where an unused idea will lead you. And I'm so proud of you for working WD-40 into a conversation already!!

  2. Thanks, Barrie! If anyone reading the blog wants to learn about WD-40, click over to Barrie's blog (the link is on the left under links) and read yesterday's entry.

    Hint: I learned why they call it WD-40!