Thursday, January 22, 2009

Linda Seger

In an attempt to better my writing, I’m reading a book called “Creating Unforgettable Characters” by Linda Seger. Linda interviewed all sorts of top authors and screenwriters, including Ron Bass. Ron wrote “Rain Man,” and she walks through his character development process of Charlie in great detail.

CONFESSION – Shamefully, I haven’t ever seen this acclaimed film, but I am learning lots from hearing about it and other character driven works (such as “Murphy Brown” which I never watched. Hey, I did good on other books and films cited).

What is nice about Linda’s book is that she offers all sorts of exercises as you read along. As a result, I’ve been doing all these mental push ups – no wonder I’m worn out this morning! I’ve been learning not just about “Rain Man” but Freud and Jung and so on even to the point of reading about melancholy versus choleric drunks. Yowsers! Friends, be alert – I just might be analyzing you next (my self-assigned homework).

I guess I should chuckle somewhat. Last week I posted on “know thyself.” Apparently, Linda Seger and these others stress that you most know your own foibles and such to fully express your characters in depth. I did get far enough along to decide that of the personality traits discussed, I am a ‘Thinker.’

I think …

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