Friday, January 2, 2009

Robert Graves

If Phaiakia isn’t a familiar name to you, don’t worry. According to Robert Gates’ nifty introduction to his Greek Myths books, the Catholic Church brought the Greek and Latin classics to Great Britain as part of their university system and that as a result, all the great English literature up into the 20th century reference and make use of Greek/Latin mythology. Basically, he tells us that everyone used to know all the old Greek tales. Mr. Graves then notes that an educated person today is no longer expected to know who Deucalion, Pelops or Antigone is.

I would expand Graves’ argument to encompass not only Great Britain but all of western civilization and then add that I see the same thing happening to Biblical references / stories in 21st century literature. Do you agree? I say all to say that I hope through this blog and my stories to bring to light some of the forgotten tales. You’ll enjoy reading PHAIAKIA and learning about so many of the wonderful Greek characters that have been neglected of late.

Time to watch the Cotton Bowl and cheer for my Texas Tech Red Raiders! Tomorrow I’ll let you know what Biblical story coincides with Deucalion.

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